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Puori Greens G3 Unflavored

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Brand Puori

'Puori' is a combination of "pure" and "origin" and it underlines the ambition to inspire people to strive toward reaching their genetic potential.

Puori’s Greens G3 is a simple, anytime dietary supplement packed with all-natural leafy greens—kale, spinach and parsley.  

Vegan-friendly, G3 contains 30 daily servings per container and is available unflavored.

Simply take one scoop of G3, mix it into a shot with water, and pour it in with a smoothie, baked goods, scrambled eggs, pasta—whatever happens to be on the menu that day. Puori chose the most micro-nutrient dense leafy greens to provide you two servings of leafy greens in each serving of G3.

Unflavored G3: 180g container (6g per serving), 20 calories

Contains: 3 organic powdered greens: Kale, Parsley & Spinach