Multi-Use Wooden Plyometric Box - 3 in 1

£124.99 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

Bulldog Gear Multi-Use Wooden plyometric boxes are made in Britain, these boxes are strong, sturdy and great for working on your explosive strength. They weigh 30kg and are reinforced by the interlocking joints to ensure maximum durability. With a 3 in 1 design this is in extremely versatile and the 20" height option is great for box squats. 

Our Multi-Use Plyo boxes are made from the same high quality birch wood that our wooden gymnastic rings are made from. Copies on the market from the far-east are made from reconstituted pine wood chips.  This is a poor quality material that will break with repeated, rigorous use. 

Offers 3 Jump heights of 20", 24" and 30".