MFS24 Mammoth Floor Rig

£6,254.99 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

The Bulldog Gear MFS24 Mammoth Floor Rig is designed for when compromise is not an option. The Mammoth range delivers a fully modular functional training rig platform than can grow as your facility expands and develops. 

The MFS24 Mammoth floor standing 24ft rig has 4 inbuilt squat racks and pull up space for 14 athletes.

Made from 80 x 80 box section and manufactured in Staffordshire, the Mammoth Power Rack brings together the best of British Engineering to deliver the strongest and most rig platform available.

  • J-Pegs UHMW Plastic Lined inside and out, as are all upright attachments to preserve the aesthetic integrity for your Mammoth for years to come.
  • Each upright is 2.85 Metres High
  • The rig must be bolted to the floor.
  • 24mm Bolts with 4.8 tonne shear strength
  • 50mm hole spacings allowing for quick, easy and accurate placement of jpegs
  • 3:1 Strength test ratio, 4.8 tonne shear fixings and kipping and sway tested

Central Staffs Crossfit