Ex Event Pallet of 20KG Ballistic Bumpers

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Brand Bulldog Gear

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1 pallet of 5 pairs of 20KG Ballistic Bumper Plates. (200KG in Total)

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Bulldog Gear Ballistic Bumper Plates, engineered and manufactured in Great Britain from recycled rubber. These robust bumpers incorporate colour coded fleck to correspond with Olympic weightlifting plate colouring, allowing easy weight recognition in the gym.

5KG Black - width 40mm

10KG Green Fleck - width 60mm

15KG Yellow Fleck - width 70mm

20KG Blue Fleck - width 90mm

25KG Red Fleck - width 100mm

Each plate is accurate to +/- 5 grams in weight compared to other recycled plates that can be +/- 250 grams. This is extremely advantageous when overhead squatting or performing snatches and clean and jerks.

The ballistic bumper plates are exactly 450mm in diameter, so can be used in combination with other plates and have a stainless steel insert for easy loading and unloading of bars.

Utilising an ultra-dense rubber, these bumpers allow you to load up your bar heavier and be dropped with reduced bounce.