Bulldog Gear - JR2 Bearing Jump Rope - Black (SH)

£45.00 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

The Bulldog Gear – JR2 Jump Rope: Short Handle is the first in house – British made jump rope to roll out of the Bulldog Gear factory, Staffordshire, Great Britain.

Each handle is precision CNC Machined made from anodised aircraft grade aluminium with a machine knurled shaft enabling excellent grip throughout those long, sweaty endurance workouts.

Both rope handles house 2 precision cartridge ball bearings and 1 omnidirectional bearing providing seamless rotation for double unders and triple unders. It features a 3m long, 2.5mm diameter silver coated PVC steel wire rope, which can be easily adjusted using the shaft locking collar system and an Allen key.

The JR2 – Short handle rope, comes in Black only.

Recommended Use:

Suitable to be used on a rubber or non-abrasive surface. 

 How To Size Your Rope:

  • Attach grub screws to collars using provided hardware.
  • Add one collar to the end of the rope.
  • Slide both handles onto the rope.
  • Add the second collar to the opposite end of the rope.
  • Stand on the centre of the rope.
  • Pull the handles upward until they reach your armpits; make sure the rope is taut.
  • Tighten the collars with the provided Allen key.
  • Trim off the excess cable (Optional).


See our sponsored athlete Craig Richey use the new JR2 Jump Rope: