Competition Kettlebell - 164KG [8 to 32KG] Set

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Brand Bulldog Gear

Competition Kettlebell 164kg Set 8-32Kg Set

Save 30% compared to when purchased individually

The Bulldog Gear Competition Kettlebell offers all the great qualities of a standard bell but added refinements for better performance and durability.

Defined by its new contoured faces, our Competition Kettlebells made from solid cast iron give more stability, comfort and grip through movements such as snatches, Turkish get ups and shoulder press.

This set includes one of each 8kg / 10kg / 12kg / 14kg / 16kg / 20kg / 24kg / 28kg / 32kg and can be identified by the colour banding on the handles. The final touch is the embossed Bulldog Gear® Logo sits at the front of the kettlebell and the weight identification on the reverse.


Height: 282mm.

Diameter: 140mm.

Handle Diameter: 33mm.

Handle Length: 123mm.

Weight Tolerance: +/- 1%.

Colour Coded - Weight Increments

8KG – Pink
10KG – Purple
12KG – Light Blue
14KG – Light Red
16KG – Yellow
20KG – Grey
24KG – Green
28KG – Orange
32KG – Red