Bulldog Gear | SGF Speed Rope

£34.99 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

The Bulldog Gear SGF Speed Rope is the elite in functional fitness jump ropes.

Precision made here in Great Britain, the SGF Speed Rope comprises of hollow knurled aluminium handles, high speed stainless steel bearings and 2.5mm PVC coated wire for high speed turns.

The hard wearing black anodised handles come with a grippy knurled finish that offers good resistance to chalk and sweat, whist still maintaining a grip friendly feeling when in hand. 

The minimal aesthetic of the rope is completed with the white etched Bulldog Gear logo onto the black handle.

Includes Cotton Storage Bag.

To personalise the SGF Speed Rope, each user can cut the provided 310cm long cable down to their preferred length (see sizing chart below) in just a few easy steps. (Instructions Included with Rope)


Length Height
0 to 5ft 2" (0 - 158cm) Height + 3ft (92cm)
5ft 3" to 6ft 4" (160cm - 193cm) Height + 3ft 2" (97cm)
6ft 5" to 7ft + (196cm - 220+cm) Height + 3ft 3" (99.5cm)


Tools Needed: Tape Measure & Wire Cutters