Bulldog Gear - Box Kettlebell

£20.00 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

The Bulldog Gear - Box Kettlebell is the leading cost effective kettlebell without any compromise on quality.

Ranging from 8KG to 32KG, the updated model now comes with improved features including;

  • Colour coded weight identification bandings on handles.
  • Embossed weight identification in KG / LB.
  • Embossed Bulldog Gear Logo. 

The kettlebell is a heavy use product in any gym and so we’ve worked on a great matte black finish to provide a tacky grip essential in those multiple rep workouts.

Being black in colour, the colour coded banding around each handle for easy identification is accompanied by an embossed weight in both KG / LB, perfect for those newer gym members.

The embossed Bulldog Gear® Logo sits at the front of the kettlebell and weight identification on the reverse, that finishing touch to the new and improved Box Kettlebell.


Colour Coded Handles - Weight Increments

8KG – Pink

12KG – Light Blue

16KG – Yellow

20KG – Grey

24KG – Green

28KG – Orange

32KG – Red