Bulldog Gear Airbike

£860.00 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

Introducing the Bulldog Gear Airbike.

The most robust Airbike is now available with a frame which weighs more than comparable models for increased stability, better engineered moving components and a console which measures distance, watts, speed, and calories with the same identical formula to what was used in the Crossfit® Games.

The monitor has gone through extensive development and offers a sweat resistant casing to protect the internal components of the monitor plus it counts in decimals to 0.1 Calories, giving you a more accurate reading of how much work you are doing.

As the Bulldog Gear Airbike uses the same formula to what was used in the Crossfit® Games it can be used for competition qualifiers.

Additional Information:

Base / Frame 

- 47kg / 104lb steel frame
- Heavy-Duty 24" fan, 27" with Fan Housing
- Sealed cartridge bottom bracket
- Heavier base and handles produce a more intense workout
- Increased arm range of motion 
- Pedal arm uses bearings - stays tighter over time 

Console / Programs 
- Tracks distance, speed, pace, calories burned, watts, and HR
- Programmable Interval Functions (Work, Rest programs)
- Set Distance time tracking
Distance tracked in meters or thousandths of a mile (1000.0 = 1 mile)

Comfort / Adjustments 
- Rubber-dipped handles
- 4-way adjustable seat 
- Peg attachment foot rests
- Extra padding on seat

- Frame: 5 Year 
- Parts: 1 Year

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