BSPR2 Bulldog Series Power Rack

£774.99 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

The Bulldog Gear BSPR2 Power Rack is a durable and fully modular training solution designed to enable versatility in any Strength & Conditioning programme.

Made from 75 x 50 box section and manufactured in Staffordshire, the Bulldog Series Power Rack brings together the best of British Engineering to deliver the most combative and adaptable power rack available. The good all rounder in our product range, this power rack is suitable for both commercial usage and Domestic - Home & Garage Set Ups alike.

  • Incorporate Westside training methods easily with adjustable Band Peg placements.
  • Each upright is 2.4 Metres High
  • Working Internal Rack space is 0.8 Metres
  • Rack Floor Print is 1.2 Metres x 0.96 Metres
  • 3mm thick Steel Uprights with 50mm hole spacings allowing for quick, easy and accurate placement of J Pegs
  • J Pegs UHMW Plastic Lined outside, as are all upright attachments to preserve the aesthetic integrity of your Bulldog Series power rack for years to come
  • 16mm Bolt Fixings with 4.8 tonne shear strength
  • The rack must be bolted to the floor

Optional Accessories include:

  • High Tensile Pin Safeties
  • Band Pegs