Box GHD Machine 2.0

£450.00 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

The Bulldog Gear - Box GHD Machine 2.0 is our entry level GHD.

The 2.0 - Glute Ham Developer, is both packed with features and affordable for CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms alike. Fully adjustable and equipped to remain steady, the Bulldog Gear - Box GHD is the greatest tool used to strengthen the hamstring and glutes in ways that are functional.

The updated 2.0 model now comes with a dual pin - locking mechanism as opposed to the single pin on the 1.0 model, creating a more stable foot plate and ankle support when performing explosive movements.    

For gyms with bigger and heavier athletes, the 2.0 model now houses a central weight stacker as well, allowing additional weight to be added for more stability. 

Regardless of whether your performing GHD back extensions, sit ups or hip extensions, it's a fantastic machine to develop midline core strength at an affordable price.