100KG Hybrid Bumper Package

£255.00 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

Back In stock 1st week of June 2017. 

The Bulldog Gear 100KG Hybrid Bumper Package is the ideal package for home users and garage gym owners.

The hybrid bumper is made of a solid virgin rubber and comes with both LB and KG markings. Each Bumper plate has a stainless steel insert which is unique to our hybrid bumpers. This stops the insert from popping out like other bumpers on the market. Each Bumper Plates is accurate to within 1% of its stated weight.

The package consists of the following weights;

1 x Pair 5KG Plates

1 x Pair 10KG Plates

1 x Pair 15KG Plates

1 x Pair 20KG Plates


Plate Thicknesses:

5KG  27mm

10KG 46mm

15KG 60mm

20KG 71mm