Stackable Plyometric Box

£995.00 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

The Bulldog Gear – Stackable Plyobox offers the same great features as our soft plyobox, but with specific options catered towards advanced plyometric movements and scaled exercises. 

Pursuing advanced plyometric movements can often come with a risk of injury, in particular scraping of the shins or falling from height on make shift towers of wooden boxes and bumper plates. The stackable plyobox resolves those issues as its soft, yet firm exterior allows people to commit to the movement without the fear of potential injury.

The set comprises of 5 boxes with varying heights: 3” / 6” / 12” / 18” / 24” of which all can be used, mixed and matched dependant on the users preference. There are 4 Velcro fasteners per box, one on each side for secure connection to the box below.

Not only is the stackable plyobox suitable for elite performance, it is also a great tool for scalable exercises. Individuals have the chance to perform the same movements, such as box jumps at lower increments or work on squatting to depth at the correct height.