The Bulldog Bar - 15kg Olympic Barbell

£225.00 GBP

Brand Bulldog Gear

The Bulldog Bar 1.0 - Bushing Barbell 15KG - Womens

Engineered and manufactured at the Bulldog Gear Factory in Hixon, Staffordshire. The Bulldog Bar has a 25mm diameter shaft with dual knurling marks for both powerlifting and Olympic lifting. 

An Extensive development period in house of 18 months has enabled us to design a bar knurl that's semi-passive/ aggressive. It is not too aggressive that you will tear out your hands with repetitive lifting and not overly passive that you will loose grip with repeated reps of deadlifts or cleans for example. 

The bar is made from Northern European Steel and has a tensile strength of 250,000 psi. This is the strongest bar on the Market, Fact! It is precision straightened to within 0.1mm end to end to allow smooth rotation of our self lubricating Phosphor Bronze bushings.

The bar rotation is designed to provide rotation for a general weight lifting bar, it will not spin as fast as one of our bearing bars, so it won't throw you off balance when performing powerlifting type movements. This bar is designed as a workhorse barbell for any serious strength & conditioning facility. 

The shaft is plated using a Black Nickel-Zinc coating and the sleeves are plated with a Silver-Zinc Finish. 

This bar is 100% made in-house, it is not just assembled in the UK: It Is Made Here. By purchasing this bar you are ensuring the growth and maintenance of the UK manufacturing industry and supply chain. 

For Maintenance and Cleaning please see our online videos. 

Please Note: Lifetime warranty against bending does not include improper use when the bar has been dropped on safety spotter arms or a box after a failed box squat for example. 

Warrantee: 3 Year Construction Guarantee 

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