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Bulldog Gear Official Base Supplier for Land Rover BAR

Fitness brand Bulldog Gear has been named as an official base supplier for the team in the build-up to the 35th America's Cup.  The team are set to embark on the Portsmouth leg of the prestigious competition in July, having recently returned from Chicago.

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Road to Regionals

When you receive your confirmation email and realise you have 7 weeks training, it sounds like a lifetime, you tell yourself you can pb all lifts, knock minutes off your Fran time and get the gymnastic skills down to the T... In reality? Its been a roller coaster of "if's" and "maybe's" , playing the guessing game of what might come up has been a tough mind game to control..

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The Benefits of Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting has never received mainstream recognition. Feared and revered it’s thought to be a specialist training protocol of the giant iron monsters that used to dwell being the Iron Curtain. But studies show embracing this ancient practice could be the best thing you do in your training this year.

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